Each month we hold a webinar exploring different topics relevant to our industry.

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Taking Care of  Your Financial Security and Future 

Friday 26th July at 1pm

It’s never too early to take stock and develop a road map for your financial future. In fact, the earlier you start considering your financial wellbeing and develop a plan the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

In this month’s webinar hosted by Clare Yates, Kate Faulkner OBE, one of the UK’s leading property experts, and Elizabeth Hastings, an award-winning Financial Advisor at Chase de Vere, will dig into this topic and what it can mean for your finances.

Together, they’ll explore how to lay the groundwork for your financial future, including:

  • An overview of the different stages of financial planning
  • Protecting your financial position
  • Saving and investment strategies for short, medium, and long-term savings
  • Maximising returns and minimising tax
  • Why use a financial planner? 

The aim of this presentation is to provide insight into how to protect your finances and grow wealth for your future. We hope you’ll find so much to take away from this conversation.

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Culture Matters: Keys to Building Award-Winning Teams

Heather Staff has played a leading part in not just co-founding but also growing and developing a multi-award winning business which has taken the property tech world by storm.

Heather is passionately committed to building technology that optimises and enhances agency businesses at the same time as creating a work environment that people love, which she feels is the key for creating high performing teams.

Having recently been ranked as the 16th best tech company to work for, Heather will discuss what they have done over the years to shape this culture and why this is hugely important to running and sustaining a successful business. Following on from her incredible presentation at this years’ conference, Heather will provide attendees with tangible and useful takeaways as well as taking questions from the audience.

Watch the June Webinar

Home is Where the Business Is: Exploring the Dynamics of Couples & Families in Estate Agency

One of the wonderful things about our sector, is that it’s full of couples and families working together to create and build successful estate agency businesses.

This month’s WiEA webinar will be hosted by two of our committee members, Liana Loporto-Browne and Simon Brown. They’ll be joined by their partners in life and business, Sarah Brown, co-founder of the ESTAs and Oliver Browne, co-founder of Loporto-Browne Residential.

They’ll discuss how and why they decided to take the plunge together and share some hints and tips from their own experiences to help others in a similar position, or those considering taking the leap!

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Vulnerability is Your Superpower

For over 25 years, Holly Marshall has committed her career to helping individuals and organisations spread their wings and soar! As a seasoned Learning and Development professional with a vast amount of experience in our industry, she’ll talk through how to break big goals down into bite-sized wins and reach your full potential.

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Prioritising Your Safety at Work and in Life

In March we were joined by Andrew Saipe, owner of ASDT Personal Safety Training. He spoke about his work in the property sector and how you can avoid potentially threatening situations, build your confidence and keep yourself safe at work, home and play. The WiEA community raved about this one, so definitely one to revisit!

Watch the Feburary Webinar

Beyond the Glass Ceiling:  Navigating Female Dynamics in Estate Agency

Suzanna Mavity, Sales Director at Acaboom, has often found that the most challenging relationships in her career have been with other women. In our February webinar she explored this and other questions, such as, “Is the glass ceiling real or perceived?”. After spending many years as a supplier in our industry, Suzanna shared her own experiences, as well as the charity work that offers her a fresh perspective.

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“How I created a successful agency, my way”

Angi Cooney, owner of C Residential, joined us for our December webinar, fresh from her haul of awards at the ESTAs. She discussed her career, including how she built a successful business and tackled challenges along the way, and shared her views on equality in the industry.

Watch the October Webinar

Our WiEA Mission

Our first ever webinar, where we shared the background of WiEA, our mission, vision, values, and discussed our plans for the next 12 months. We invited our community to ask any burning questions about the group, upcoming events and themes for future webinars, creating an interactive session.

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